Measure Seven Times, Cut Once

Measure seven times, cut once.
Семь раз отме́рь, оди́н отре́жь. [...]

It’s Not A Secret If Three People Know It

It’s not a secret if three people know it.
Ní scéal rúin é más fios do thriúr é. [...]

If The Rider Is No Good, It’s The Horse’s Fault

If the rider is no good, it’s the horse’s fault.
Wenn der Reiter nichts taugt, ist das Pferd schuld. [...]

The Smoke Of One’s Homeland Is More Pleasant Than A Strange Fire

The smoke of one's homeland is more pleasant than a strange fire.
De rook van het vaderland is aangenamer dan een vreemd vuur. [...]

Misfortune Never Comes Alone

If you have escaped the jaws of the crocodile while bathing in the river, you will surely meet a leopard on the way.
If you have escaped the jaws of the crocodile while bathing in the river [...]

Nothing Can Be Achieved Without Effort

Without effort, you can't even pull a fish out of the pond.
Без труда́ не вы́тащишь и ры́бку из пруда́. [...]

Little By Little, The Bird Makes Its Nest

Little by little, the bird makes its nest.
Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid. [...]

Washing A Pig With Soap

Washing a pig with soap is to lose time and soap.
Lavar puercos con jabón es perder tiempo y jabón. [...]

A Woman Can Gain A Man’s Love

A woman can gain a man's love by cooking food he enjoys.
Путь сердцу мужчины лежит через желудок. [...]

A Bad Settlement

English proverb about lawsuit
A bad settlement is better than [...]