Rainbow Of Joy

Life is a journey, a journey that is sometimes characterized by traffic of hardships. There are times along the journey when you are going to encounter a [...]

Your Spark To Success

When you have nothing, when you start fighting to achieve your goals, nobody lends you a hand. But if you succeed, they will pray to help you (even if you [...]

Happiness Hack: Say, “I Want to be Called a Fool!”

One of the reasons we don't feel happy is because we restrain ourselves too much. One of the reasons we restrain ourselves is because of the fear: “What [...]

The Sole Use Of Suffering Is To Purify

Suffering is always the effect of wrong thought in some direction. [...]

The Basis Of Happiness Is Love

The basis of happiness is the love of something outside self. [...]

Desire Is The Creative Power

Desire is the force behind all things; it is the moving principle of the universe and the innermost centre of all Life. [...]

Using The Imagination

Just imagine yourself surrounded by mind, so plastic, so receptive, that it receives the slightest impression of your thought. Whatever you think it takes [...]

10 Tips To Begin Thinking Positively

Surrounding yourself with a great lifestyle and material goods may seem to lead to happiness, but how you really feel is governed by what goes on inside your [...]